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12 things responsible pet owners should be doing

Amy Holloway

April is National Pet Month, a time to celebrate the life and love of our faithful companions, and a time to promote responsible pet ownership.

Pets come with many responsibilities and associated costs from preventative healthcare treatments, regular health checks, insurance, food and safety products for travelling in your car plus they require regular exercise, grooming and companionship. It’s not all ‘money and things to remember’ though, owning a pet should bring love and joy to the both of you, well that’s the whole reason for owning a pet, right? Your pet will rely on you for most, if not all, of their needs and this is why being a responsible pet owner is so important.

We’ve put together a list of 12 things we believe every responsible pet owner should be doing to give their pet the happiest and healthiest life possible:

Part 1 – Microchipping, pet insurance, car safety, socialisation and training.

Part 2 – Preventative healthcare and why vaccinations, parasite control, neutering and healthy teeth & gums are so important.…

Part 3 – Looking after your pet’s general wellbeing…

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National Pet Month is a registered charity, with the unique aim of bringing animal welfare charities, professional bodies, pet businesses, schools, youth groups and pet lovers together to raise awareness and campaign for responsible pet ownership.

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