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24/7 Pet Care – Emergency & Out of Hours Service

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As a client of Clent Hills Vets, your pet will never be without expert veterinary care, thanks to our 24/7 pet care service.



Outside of our normal working hours, our trusted partner company Bromsgrove Emergency Care take over the reigns so that you always have access to first class veterinary care.

To use our Emergency & Out of Hours Service, call 01527 889810


Information about our Emergency & Out of Hours service:

Who will my pet be seen by out of hours?

Bromsgrove Emergency Care, our partner company, provide an Emergency and Out of Hours service from our Bromsgrove surgery outside of our normal opening hours.

What do I do in an emergency?

Calling 01527 889810 outside of our clinic hours will direct you to one of the vets at Bromsgrove Emergency Care, who will discuss your concerns and offer advice, as well as an appointment time if your pet needs to be seen immediately at our Bromsgrove surgery.

What happens if my pet needs to be admitted and stay overnight?

If your pet does need to be admitted into our Bromsgrove surgery out of hours, they will be seen by a qualified vet from Bromsgrove Emergency Care. If they need to stay overnight, they will be looked after by our overnight nursing team who are experienced at providing intensive care and fluid therapy.

Can I get an out of hours home visit?

If a home visit is required, Bromsgrove Emergency Care are happy to come out to you, however please bear in mind that treatment will be limited in your home without clinic facilities, and the cost will be more expensive. Alternatives to a home visit might be to use a taxi, an animal ambulance, or maybe asking a friend or relative to transport you and your pet.

Can I claim the cost on my pet insurance?

We recommend that all pets are insured, to prevent difficulties from unexpected costs. If any treatment carried out by Bromsgrove Emergency Vets is to be paid by insurance, the claim will be dealt with by a member of their admin team. Our customer care team here at Clent Hills Vets will be more than happy to pass on any forms or information required in order to ensure the smooth processing of any claims.*

Bromsgrove Emergency Care’s Out of Hours Charges

  • Clinic Consultation before 11pm – £120 – includes out of hours fee
  • Clinic Consultation after 11pm – £160 – includes out of hours fee
  • Home Visit Consultation – £250-£350 depending on your distance from the Bromsgrove practice, this will be confirmed with you at the time. Includes out of hours visit fee and nurse fee.
  • Two-Person Team – Please note that it is the policy of Clent Hills Vets and Bromsgrove Emergency Care, to have a two-person (vet and nurse) team attending a home visit. This is for both clinical and safety reasons.
  • Emergency / Out of Hours Billing – The name ‘Bromsgrove Emergency Care’ will appear on your bills when you use this service. Prices include VAT at 20%, but exclude medication, procedure and in-patient care fees.


Please get in touch if you would like to speak to a member of our team about these services, or to book an appointment or get advice call 01527 889810 today.


*Please note. you should always check the details and exclusions of your pet insurance policy to ensure you understand what conditions are covered.

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