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Introducing Georgina!

Georgina Cat

georgina picI have set aside a few minutes from my busy life here at Clent Hills Bromsgrove to introduce myself. I arrived at Clent Hills last May in a cat carrier by a kind member of the human race who found me and realised I had no home. I lived in the kennels at Bromsgrove for a few weeks and was taken care of by a group of very friendly people, most in green clothes! They tried to find me a home but all the rescue centres were full. I’m a friendly kind of girl and everyone seemed to like having me around-it wasn’t long before I was helping in the office, living in the flat upstairs and it became my permanent home! I get to roam free around the practice and get to see some interesting things involving lots of different animals! I will keep you updated….

Since i’ve been here I have developed a routine and the staff in the office really do rely on my help…I warm their chairs and secure their paperwork by sitting on it! I also help the reception staff by monitoring what is going on at the desk and keeping a close eye on the clients. I have recently been helping new puppies by finishing up any  reward treats left out in the consulting rooms, so they don’t go stale of course!!

It is about time I was in the office checking the radiator is at a suitable temperature by lying next to it for a while……

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