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Georgina is settling in nicely

Georgina Cat

My days have been passing quite peacefully recently…..until today. I was sleeping, as you can see, helping Sally the head receptionist in the office with the insurance claims by securing the paperwork. I do like to put my weight to good use, although recently I have noticed I only get breakfast and think they are starving me…(it’s called a diet!!).

I was picked up by Charlotte, one of the ladies in green and taken into a consultation room. I knew there would be something unpleasant occuring shortly…..

As you can see by my face, I was most unhappy! It was the dreaded flea treatment. The people wearing green have a calender on the board where I believe they write when I am due for flea and worm treatments. If I could read, I could hide! I had Advantage flea treatment which is a spot on that gets put on the skin on the back of my neck once a month. This protects me and my home against any fleas or larvae. 

Advantage is only available from my home the vets, because it is a prescription treatment, so you would have to see the vets once a year to get it.  It is very effective whereas some over the counter products may not be as effective.

Here is some information from the people in green about those horrible bitey things I have to be protected against:

Adult fleas hang onto your pet’s fur with their claws & their needle like mouth parts bite through the skin to suck up blood. All you may see is flea faeces or ‘dirt’ (flecks in the fur). Fleas can lay 30+ eggs per day. These eggs drop to the ground where flea larvae will hatch & hide in dark places, including carpets & upholstery. The larvae feed on flea droppings & other organic debris before developing into cocoons. Adult fleas emerge when they sense that an animal host is near. This cycle can take as little as 12 days or up to several months. Fleas can cause allergies & anaemia in your pets & they can be infected with tapeworm if a flea is swallowed during grooming.

There are other products available that treat other external parasites such as ticks and mites as well as fleas.

Surface mites such as ear mites can cause intense irritation & can be passed on by close contact. They are the most common mites in cats & dogs & are often present during ear infections. Burrowing mites such as Sarcoptes lay eggs just under the skin & can cause two different types of disease known as mange. Sarcoptes mites are passed on by close contact & are a common parasite of foxes. Ticks attach themselves to dogs to feed, causing discomfort. While attached they can also transmit Lyme disease.

My people in green are excellent at advising appropriate treatment plans for all you pets for your owners to apply. I believe my worm treatment will be due shortly and I’m not looking forward to that!!……

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