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A few reasons we think your cat will love a visit to our vets

Amy Holloway

With Summer in full swing, now is an excellent time to get your cat booked in for a health check. A mixture of excessive heat and thunderstorms, as well as an increase in seasonal pests and allergies, can play havoc with a cat’s normally chilled lifestyle.

Regular health checks can help to make sure your cat is in tip top condition and spot any concerns early, which can greatly improve treatment options and outcomes.

Book your cat’s Summer/Autumn health check today

Did you know that Clent Hills Vets is recognised as a Cat Friendly Clinic by the ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine)? We have achieved Gold Status at our Bromsgrove practice and silver status at Hagley for our specialist cat care.

Visiting the Vets…

Now, we’d hazard a guess that some cats wouldn’t put a visit to the vets at the top of their ‘fave things to do’ list. Here are a few reasons we hope will change their minds:-

Clent Hills Vets in Bromsgrove can offer your cat:

  • Recently appointed Cat Champion – Vet Ivelin Kumanov (main photo) has a rescue cat of his own, Avocato, who was brought into us as a stray just over a year ago. Learning from his own experiences and special bond with Avocato, Ivelin will be looking for new ways we can improve the ‘vet visit’ for our feline friends.
  • Spacious waiting area with separate ‘Kitty Corner’
  • Cat Only Consult room
  • Cat Only Clinic on a Tuesday lunchtime
  • Cat Only Patient Ward with soft bedding, a hidey house, soothing music & pheromone diffusers

A trip to Clent Hills Vets in Hagley and Rubery can also be a positive experience for your cat, with many of our vets, nurses and customer care advisors across all 3 practices having undergone specialist training in cat care.

Our Hagley practice also boasts a separate waiting area and patient ward for cats, as well as a team of cat loving vets, nurses and customer care advisors.

Rubery is the smallest of our three practices and although they don’t have completely separate cat and dog areas, they can provide a quiet area for your cat if they really aren’t a fan of dogs. Just ask our friendly team at Rubery when you book your next appointment.

So, let us help you take excellent care of your best friend and book a Summer health check with Ivelin, or any of our cat-loving veterinary team today.

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