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A happy ending for a big kitten!

Amy Holloway

The kitten born by caesarian

This adorable kitten was the result of an emergency call in the early hours of the morning on Friday 18th May. Mimi the Burmese cat was brought in to Bromsgrove to see vet Natalie Cole who was on out of hours duty at 6am. Poor Mimi was having problems giving birth and had been straining for a while. Part of a kittens leg was sticking out and was blue and swollen.

It was obvious to vet Natalie she would have to do an emergency caesarian. This is very unusual for us felines, we are usually masters of taking care of ourselves and giving birth is no exception. Mimi had only one kitten and because it was very big- almost as big as mum!- she was unable to give birth without help.

Happy, healthy kitten!

It was the kittens left back leg that had been stuck and although the kitten survived vet Natalie was unsure how the kittens leg would recover because it was so swollen and discoloured. The kitten was sent home with mum Mimi with some anti-inflammatory medication.

The owners of the kitten contacted my staff recently to say thank you to vet Natalie for giving the kitten a chance when it looked so bad. She reported now fully recovered it is a big, healthy and happy kitten. Her leg appears completely normal, is the same size and colour as the other back leg and her owner reports she jumps and races around no problem! The pictures were sent to us recently of the kitten at 6 weeks old.

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