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Top tech for pets from Clent Hills Vets

Whether you want to communicate with your pet remotely, keep an eye it when you’re out, or monitor its activity, there’s a gadget for that. We’ve checked-out some of best.

Top tips to keep your dog cool this summer and avoid heat stroke

Soaking up the Summer sun can be sheer bliss for many people. But what about your dog? Soaring temperatures and midday sun can play havoc with your dog’s health. Here are some of our top tips to help you keep your dog happy and healthy in the Summer sun. One of the most common health problems…

Life-saving blood transfusion for dog diagnosed with IMHA

In October 2017, Sasha the Doberman was a healthy, energetic three-year old dog – the centre of her owners’ world. Then, on 20th October her owners Paul and Jane, noticed she was not her usual self and on Saturday morning she didn’t jump up onto their bed, as she normally would. Growing increasingly concerned Paul…

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