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FESTIVE PET TIPS – More festive food advice for cats and dogs

In our previous articles, we’ve talked about foods that are poisonous and harmful to your pet. But what about foods that won’t kill them, but could make them severely uncomfortable and give them digestive problems?   Cats and dogs aren’t used to eating the types of foods that we eat and therefore should be avoided,…

Breathing in essential oils from home products can seriously harm your cat

What’s better than a home that smells of sweet essential oils and helps you to relax through their aromatherapy properties? Your cat might not feel the same way though. Many essential oils are toxic to cats and can cause serious respiratory problems if inhaled, as well as other health concerns.   Essential oils that are…

Home essential oil diffusers could be poisoning your dog

Many of us love the aroma and effects of essential oils and often use diffusers around the house. If you live with a dog, or have canine visitors, we encourage you to check our list below of the essential oils that are toxic to dogs. Essential oils for aromatherapy used to be restricted to devices…

Your Cats Matter to Us – Top Tips on Cat Safety this Winter

As we head into Winter, it’s time to focus on our feline friends as the earlier dark nights and freezing temperatures can expose your cat to extra dangers. Clent Hills Vets have this advice on how to keep your cat safe, and improve your chances of finding them should they go missing:   Microchip, microchip,…

Be tick aware

Following the recent news that cases of tick-borne encephalitis have been reported in parts of England, our head vet, Rod, at Clent Hills Vets is warning everyone – particularly dog walkers – to be extra vigilant. Encephalitis will generally only present as mild flu-like symptoms, but in rare cases this can develop further and affect…

Free event for Dog Owners on Canine Osteoarthritis

Have you noticed changes in your dog’s mobility and willingness to move about? Do they seem a little stiff and in pain, especially when standing up or navigating steps? Have they become less interested in everyday things like playing or chasing a ball? Has their body shape changed? If you’re concerned about your dog’s wellbeing,…

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