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My love of boxes

I love a cardboard box, I find them irresistible.  Sometimes I just sit in them and watch my world go by on the reception desk….                                                                                                               Sometimes I like to climb in them whilst they are in the way on the floor and watch all my staff have to walk around me….no one…

Fabulous Felines…..

I thought it was about time I spent some of my time talking about felines and how fantastic we are. After so many pictures of cute puppies being brought in to surgery I thought I’d show you these beautiful little felines- Sam and Bailey Wiggins. They have just been in to visit us for their 1st…

Tiny and Tall!

The other day saw a visit from two rather different canines. Both are registered with us as blue but as you can see that is where the similarities end! Stan is a 2 and a half year old, blue Great Dane weighing in at 67 Kilos. He reached over my reception desk without even raising his…

Free March Manicure!

We are doing an offer in March- FREE NAIL CLIPPING !!! Just give my receptionists a call and they will book an appointment with my nurses in green- all for free! The offer is limited to one pet per household and is for nail clipping only (sedation not included if necessary).

In your opinion…..

Now please tell me honestly….. In your opinion….. Does my bum look big in this????!!!!……

Angela the puppy pincher!

My receptionist Angela is getting a name for herself amongst my staff as a puppy pincher because she insists on cuddling every puppy that comes through the door! Sometimes it is quite difficult for the owners to get their puppy back off her to take it home! This is Charlie the Cockapoo being cuddled by…

Rosie leaves Clent Hills a little bit lighter!

Some breeds of us felines are very beautiful, like myself! We were recently visited by Rosie a 14 and a half year old Persian cat. Now whilst I am classed as domestic short haired feline (although I am far from average), Rosie is a pedigree and Persian cats are known for their beautiful long coats. Rosie came in…

Tiny Canines!

My days are never boring! We have furry beings of all shapes and sizes coming through the door. This is rather a contrast to Boscoe the big Bull Mastiff! This is Lacey King, the 4 and a half month old female Chihuahua who weighs just 1.42kgs! She has been visiting us monthly for weigh and worm…

Boscoe going stateside!

Now this big Bull Mastiff would normally be the stuff of cats nightmares…..but Boscoe is not to me! Now 1 year and 3 months old and weighing in at 53.4kg, he has been coming to visit me and my staff at Clent Hills since he was 6 weeks old when he weighed just 5.10 kg!! He attended…

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