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February offer- 50% discount on dental products

Since the new year I have been busy planning with my staff a series of special offers to benefit you lovely pets and save our clients- your humans, some money! The February offer is on preventative dental care products for cats and dogs- 50% off through the whole of February! This includes Dental brushes Pet…

Winter care for rabbits

This is rabbit Fudge who belongs to nurse Emma O’Neill. Here he is undergoing some routine health checks at our surgery. I do like rabbits. They are quiet creatures which do not make demands on my staff for attention. Now the colder weather has come along I am inclined to go out a little less and…

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Happy Christmas-I feel stupid! Merry Christmas to everyone and all creatures great and small- from me and all my staff at Clent Hills! And yes I was caught and made to do this and yes I do feel stupid! I am a dignified lady who is beyond these childish games!!

Christmas Temptation!

With Christmas comes lots of temptations for all us animals. There are things that smell and look so good to eat around, trees where they shouldn’t naturally occur and shiny things hanging from them. One thing I have learnt from living here is although these things are all sent to tempt me, I must resist…

Bassett puppies return

I wrote last week with the picture of the little Bassett Hound puppy that visited vet Alun. This morning the whole litter of 8 Bassett puppies came into my surgery to have their 1st vaccination. I sat and observed all the fuss they created from the reception counter.

Titch the Tortoise on his holidays!

I love living here because I get to see lots of different people and animals. We have recently had a more unusual patient staying with us here at Clent Hills. Titch the tortoise belongs to Christine Sullivan and was brought in to us because he had a runny nose and wasn’t eating. He is only…

Bassett Hound puppy visits

This morning this little bundle came in to the surgery to be checked over by vet Alun Edwards. Now I will agree this IS cute!! She currently belongs to clients Mr and Mrs Fisher who own both the parents; Lancelot and Lissie. Lissie had a litter of 8 puppies, 2 boys and 6 girls. They are…

Well done to nurse Emma O’Neill!

A big congratulations to my nurse Emma O’Neill who has recently passed her final year nursing exams & is now a fully qualified nurse! I like to think of myself being a huge help in this success having spent many hours with nurse Eon (as we all call her), whilst she was studing here in the…

Abandoned Kittens re-homed

2 weeks ago a cardboard box arrived here at Clents Hills with noises coming from inside of it. When my staff looked they found this!! A mother cat and her children. Now the people that left them here obviously don’t follow my diary or they would have realised firstly there is no room for any…

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