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Poor Lucky’s lucky escape

Visiting Lucky in the kennels   “I am visiting my friend Lucky today who has been a bit poorly recently after being run-over.”                  “Fortunately, all my friends here at Clent Hills knew just what to do to make him feel better again.  He had something they called an…

Off my paws with the heat!!

It has been so hot the past week I have been having to take a moment to cool down whilst doing my jobs!! The pets in kennels have been kept nice and cool but I have to work and have to take the odd moments break to cool down whenever possible!! We have to keep the surgery really…

Vaccination time!

I am currently hiding because I am not too happy with my staff. The lovely nurses in green took me into a consultation room and held me whilst the now not so lovely vet stuck a needle into me!! It was time for my annual booster vaccination. Now I do understand that these things are…

We advocate advocate!

I was in the garden the other day chatting with Diesel the neighbouring black Labrador. He was talking about lungworm. He’d been sat watching TV with his owners and had seen an advert warning of the dangers of lungworm. Apparently dogs can pick this parasite up from ingesting slugs or snails. Now Diesel said he is…

June is National Microchipping Month

June is a very busy month because we are also taking part in National Microchipping Month. We are offering microchipping for all you special pets out there for just £12.50. We use Tracer Advance Microchips. They are a high quality chip, slightly larger than a grain of rice and 10 times stronger than normal glass…

June is Dental Care Month

During June we at Clent Hills are taking part in Dental Care month. This is Wilf the Border Terrier who belongs to Vet and partner Alun Edwards. Here he is having his teeth brushed. I am delighted by this as Wilf and I do not get on!! He likes to chase me whilst barking at me…

Proplan Offer Ends

Sadly the discount on our Proplan food has now ended and all the clients that have ordered food have collected, thankfully I got left here!! Unfortunately I was not allowed to eat more because the food was cheaper, for some reason my weight is being closely monitored!

New computer system going live!!

The time has come where we go live with our new computer system. We have all been training very hard so the transition should go as smoothly as possible. I have had numerous sessions of playing with the computer mouse during our staff training sessions! I have also kept peoples laps and chairs warm for…

National Vaccination Month

Now I am very lucky I found a home here at Clent Hills and as soon as I arrived I was vaccinated by the vets against all those nasty diseases us animals risk catching when out and about in the world. We at Clent Hills Vet Group are participating in National Vaccination Month during May. We are…

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