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Proplan Offer Ends

Sadly the discount on our Proplan food has now ended and all the clients that have ordered food have collected, thankfully I got left here!! Unfortunately I was not allowed to eat more because the food was cheaper, for some reason my weight is being closely monitored!

New computer system going live!!

The time has come where we go live with our new computer system. We have all been training very hard so the transition should go as smoothly as possible. I have had numerous sessions of playing with the computer mouse during our staff training sessions! I have also kept peoples laps and chairs warm for…

National Vaccination Month

Now I am very lucky I found a home here at Clent Hills and as soon as I arrived I was vaccinated by the vets against all those nasty diseases us animals risk catching when out and about in the world. We at Clent Hills Vet Group are participating in National Vaccination Month during May. We are…

Training for the new computer system

I have been very busy again with administration duties. The vets generate a whole lot of paperwork, there is always so much filing to be done! Training for the new computer system-watch that mouse!! The very exciting news for all of us at Clent Hills is that we are having a brand new computer system…

Proplan food offer

My people at Clent Hills have put an offer on the Proplan food! I do approve of this food as I eat it myself & find it very tasty! I always ask for more actually, I just wish they would listen! At the moment they are feeding me Proplan cat Light food. I like to think…

Spring is in the air

It’s a sure sign that spring is on its way when you see new born lambs. However for “Bertha” the Ryland ewe owned by Mrs Parsons of Chaddesley Corbett, it hasn’t been such a joyful occasion. We were called out to see Bertha a few weeks ago after she prolapsed and required our assistance. She…

Sweet Itch Awareness Month

Sweet itch can be a major welfare concern and is known to affect three to five per cent of horses in the UK1.  With this in mind, Janssen Animal Health is joining forces with the British Horse Society (BHS), Redwings Horse Sanctuary and World Horse Welfare (WHW) to launch the inaugural Sweet Itch Awareness Month…

Administration duties!

I have been doing plenty of administration duties in the office recently! I am not in fact photocopying my own body parts but very important documents! Also it does get nice and warm here by the window and it has been beautifully sunny the past few days! Of course refreshment is always neccessary and the…

Lending a helping paw!

So as you can see I have been very busy, helping out in various departments within my home this week. Here I am in the nurses and vets laboratory looking at some samples under the microscope. I have seen them do it many times and thought I could lend a paw! The microscope is used…

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