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Worming advice

I was right, my wormer came just a few days later! Now many cats will suffer the indignity of having a tablet forced down them. This is not tolerated by myself no matter how hard the people in green (nurses would you believe-I thought they were supposed to be nice to you!!) try to get…

Georgina is settling in nicely

My days have been passing quite peacefully recently…..until today. I was sleeping, as you can see, helping Sally the head receptionist in the office with the insurance claims by securing the paperwork. I do like to put my weight to good use, although recently I have noticed I only get breakfast and think they are…

Changes to Pet Diabetes Treatment

The practice has just received a letter from Pfizer Animal Health saying that they will not be able to supply insuvet protamine zinc  or lente any more. This is due to a knock on effect from trends in human diabetes treatment where bovine insulins have been largely replaced by other types of insulin. The practice supplies…

Introducing Georgina!

I have set aside a few minutes from my busy life here at Clent Hills Bromsgrove to introduce myself. I arrived at Clent Hills last May in a cat carrier by a kind member of the human race who found me and realised I had no home. I lived in the kennels at Bromsgrove for…

Winter Poisons – Seasonal advice for your dog

The Veterinary Poisons Information Service states chocolate poisoning is one of the most common enquires received around Christmas time. The cocoa tree contains theobromine which is very toxic to dogs. The severity of poisoning depends on two things-the amount & type of chocolate  ingested. Dark chocolate contains the highest amount of theobromine  so is the…

Staff News

Congratulations to our nurse Sarah Baker who completed her 3rd year of nurse training and is now fully qualified. Well done also to nurses Emma O’Neill & Kathryn Hackett who passed the 2nd year of their training so only have 1 year to go. Janine Ward, trainee nurse at Hagley & receptionist at Bromsgrove gave…

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