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Miniature Dachshunds hit the hydrotherapy pool in a bid to lose weight

Ted and Sausage have been on a diet since last October however unlike Ted, Sausage is having trouble shedding any weight…in fact, she’s heavier now than when she started. In a bid to kickstart her weight loss, Sausage took to the hydrotherapy pool! Swimming is proven to help some dogs lose excess weight and strengthen…

Dogs Diesel and Vinnie receive acupuncture therapy for chronic pain

Veterinary Acupuncture is a progressive and beneficial treatment for a range of conditions including arthritis, hip dysplasia, bowel disorders, IVDD – Intervertebral Disc Disease, nerve trauma, skin conditions, behavioural issues and more. Clent Hills Vets can now offer acupuncture to pets alongside their current treatment plan, thanks to Veterinary Acupuncturist, Laura Buckey. Two dogs in particular…

Spend an evening with Vet JT talking about cat behaviour

Does your cat still spray inside your home? Is your multi-cat household often locked in a battle over food, litter trays and the new cat on the block? Are you worried that your cat could be stressed out due to a recent change in your home life? Cats are intriguing creatures and can often be…

Healthy teeth and gums for cats

Once over the age of three, cats can be prone to tooth and gum problems. For peace of mind Clent Hills Vets can offer your pet a dental check-up.

Dachshunds dress up for know your breed event and owners learn more about IVDD

Around thirty-five pet owners attended our Know Your Breed Dachshund event last Monday, bringing with them twenty of the most adorable and charismatic Dachshunds, which took no time introducing themselves to their fellow four-legged friends and the rest of the room – it’s a good job we had a speaker system!   We love Dachshunds…

Dogs on diets: Ted and Sausage attend their post-Christmas weigh-in

I thought I’d leave Ted and Sausage’s post-Christmas weigh-in until the end of January to help these two food-centric miniature Dachshunds lose a bit more weight after the festive break, during which they did have a drop of Pawsecco and doggy popcorn…well it was Christmas! So, at weigh-in number 4, Ted did not disappoint! At…

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