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Pet Insurance made simple

Clent Hills Vets promotes VetSure Pet Insurance, who offer simple and complete levels of cover for your companion. We can settle your claim for you, all you need to pay us is your excess.

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Choosing the best pet insurance

The different types of pet insurance

There are lots of different pet insurance providers out there with varying levels of cover and benefits, as well as varying prices. Cheapest isn’t always the best and we highly recommend that you read the small print of the policy before you take it out as it may not cover your pet as you might expect. If you want the best pet insurance for your companion, we recommend getting a ‘lifetime cover’ policy.


Often accident & emergency policy only, time limit of 12 months on any claim.


When the maximum amount that you can claim is reached, cover for that conditions stops.


Although there may be a limit on the amount of money that you can claim in 12 months, the pot of money is replenished each year when your policy is renewed so that you can still claim for old conditions. This is particularly useful for animals with lifelong conditions such as diabetes or arthritis.

Get your pet the treatment they need

Why we promote VetSure


Lifetime cover

VetSure policies offer you the choice of two generous benefit limits for your vet treatments. These limits apply to each unrelated condition and recharge fully each time you renew your policy, so you can make claims against an unlimited number of different eligible conditions.

Reassurance for you

When you take out a policy you want reassurance that you have the level of cover you need and that the policy will deliver when it is needed. That’s why we promote VetSure.

Settle direct with us

We’re part of VetSure’s trusted network, which enables us to settle your bill directly with them if you need to make a claim, all you need to pay us is your excess.

Two types of policy to suit your budget

VetSure Full Cover OR VetSure Accident Only

If you just want to protect your pet for the cost of treatments required to help them recover from nasty accidents and injuries such as collisions with cars, poisoning or cuts, the Accident Only policy offers great value for money. As the name suggests though, your pet will not be covered for the treatment of illnesses.



*You should always check the details and exclusions of your pet insurance policy to understand what is and is not covered.