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Aprils offer of the month…

Clent Hills Vets

This months offer of the month is rather a delicate matter for me to discuss, being a lady of the feline variety.


This is certainly NOT what a lady wants to see!

….10% discount off routine cat castrations!

This is definitely not what a lady wants to meet when out and about! Un-neutered male cats can be a real nuisance to us ladies and as well as increasing the number of unwanted kittens not being castrated can lead to other issues.

An un-castrated cat is more likely to…

  • Roam-therefore be involved in road traffic accidents
  • Catch disease
  • Fight and therefore potentially require veterinary treatment
  • Get flea infestations
  • Spray urine and mark territory
  • Smell strongly of urine
  • Live up to half the life span of a neutered male

Castration is a simple procedure under a short general anaesthetic with the lucky cat going home the same day. Call my lovely receptionists for an appointment.

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