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Archie’s happy ending.

Clent Hills Vets

Archie Taylor visiting us for his stitches out

Archie Taylor is a black male Labrador of nearly 8 years of age. He has been through quite a lot recently but thanks to his owners taking him to the vet as soon as they noticed a change in his behaviour it is a story with a happy ending.

Archie was a client of a veterinary surgery in the local town as Alvechurch. He came to see us as an emergency on boxing day when his usual vets were closed over the Christmas holiday.

Archie had been taken to his usual vets shortly before Christmas because his owners had noticed he was drinking more and wanted to get him checked out. Blood tests showed high calcium but not much to worry about. However Archie seemed no better so his owners took him back and he had X-rays. These showed a large mass in Archie’s chest cavity. It was thought to be a harmless tumour but his owners were warned it could become a serious problem because its large size.

So this is when Archie came in to see us as an emergency. He had been vomiting and his owners had noticed blood. He was kept in for a few days and although initially seemed to improve he went downhill again very quickly. The size of the tumour had led to complications and he was bleeding internally.

He received a life saving blood transfusion provided (with many thanks), from one of the greyhounds at Hall Green Retired Greyhound Trust based at Meadowcroft Kennels. Archie’s condition had to be stabilised before anymore could be done. He was then referred by us to Animal Health Trust in Liverpool to have the tumour removed. The six inch tumour was successfully removed on the 2nd March.

The tumour removed from Archie’s chest

Archie returned to us on the 15th march to have his stitches out. His owners say he is back to normal and are delighted with the results. So a happy ending for Archie. His owners are very glad they brought him in to see the vet after noticing he was drinking a lot because it led to the correct and swift treatment.

Often behaviour changes or small differences you notice in your pet can be significant so never hesitate to come and visit me and my vets. I am always pleased to see you!

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