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August offer- Save on neutering your pet!

Amy Holloway

Wiggins Beesley the Border terrier


Speying your pet means removing the ovaries and uterus of a female. Castration means removing the testicles of a male pet.

Neutering is a way of providing birth control for your pet. Traditionally most animals are neutered from 6 months of age but we can do cats and rabbits from 4 months if necessary. There are many reasons why it is of great benefit to you and your pet to have them neutered, even though it doesn’t feel like it to us animals at the time!!!

  • All animals will benefit from improved health– Females avoid life threatening diseases such as breast cancer and uterine infections. Males will have a reduced risk of prostate cancer and no risk of testicular tumours.
  • Neutering can make males better pets– It can help to stop undesirable secondary sexual behaviour such as marking of territory, mounting, the desire to roam and can reduce aggression.
  • Speying a female will eliminate the heat cycle and its associated undesirable behaviours such as crying, pacing as well as visits from unwelcome male animals and the bloody discharge that occurs during heat.
  • Neutering is highly cost effective-The cost of the operation is a lot less than that of having a litter or the cost of treatment for males that have escaped and found misfortune or got into fights.
  • Neutering will not make your pet fat- Lack of exercise and overfeeding will result in your pet being overweight. Slightly reducing and monitoring your pet’s food intake and regular exercise will keep your pet fit after neutering.
  • Neutering helps reduce overpopulation and unwanted animals.

The offer is available during August only at our Bromsgrove and Hagley surgeries for all cats, dogs and small animals but excludes equine.

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