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Why Cat and Dog owners need to remember the word MICE

Amy Holloway

Calling all Cat & Dog owners. We’ve come up with an easy way to remember the 4 things you must do to help your pet stay safe and give them the best chance of a quick reunion with you should they go missing. Being reunited quickly will greatly reduce the stress on both you and your pet.

All pet owners should remember the word MICE, this photo shows a colony of mice
M.I.C.E. stands for:


MICROCHIP your pet AND keep your information up to date on the Petlog database so that if they go missing, anyone who finds your pet can take them to an animal care professional (vets, rescue centres) to get their microchip scanned. Dogs must be microchipped by law and it’s highly recommended for cats too. It can be done from a young age and is not harmful to your pet.

INSURE your pet so that if they do escape and sustain an injury, you will be able to get them the treatment they need, instead of the treatment you can afford at the time. Advice on pet insurance

COLLARS & ID TAGS are so important for cats and dogs as they give anyone who finds your pet a quick way to identify you as the owner. The ID tag needs to have your name, address and contact number on and should not have the pet’s name on as this makes it easier for thieves to take your pet.

ESCAPE-PROOF your home and garden especially for dogs, but also for kittens and house cats. We have seen an increase in cats and dogs being brought into our practices that have escaped and are found wandering near or on roads. This is of course very dangerous so it’s important to block holes in fences, make gates pet proof, ensure doors and windows are not left open enough for pets to escape through and review any other areas at your property that could be a potential risk. Also, you should let any visitors know about your pet safety house rules.

What if my pet goes missing whilst out and about?

Of course, cats that like to roam can wander off and get lost sometimes and dogs may run off whilst on a walk especially if they get spooked by something. This can be such a worrying time, however, if you have done the top three things on this list, microchipping, insurance and they are wearing a collar and ID tag, you’re much more likely to have a swift reunion with them.

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