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Be tick aware

Following the recent news that cases of tick-borne encephalitis have been reported in parts of England, our head vet, Rod, at Clent Hills Vets is warning everyone – particularly dog walkers – to be extra vigilant. Encephalitis will generally only present as mild flu-like symptoms, but in rare cases this can develop further and affect…

Free event for Dog Owners on Canine Osteoarthritis

Have you noticed changes in your dog’s mobility and willingness to move about? Do they seem a little stiff and in pain, especially when standing up or navigating steps? Have they become less interested in everyday things like playing or chasing a ball? Has their body shape changed? If you’re concerned about your dog’s wellbeing,…

Keep hedgehogs safe from bonfires

As one of Britain’s favourite wild mammals, the hedgehog is usually a welcome addition to any domestic garden. But at this time of year there’s a need to be extra vigilant in checking if one of these delightful creatures has chosen to bed down on your patch. As we have a lot of injured hedgehogs…