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Love taking your pets on your European travels?

When it comes to our pets, we never take chances. They’re much too important to us for that. That’s why we want to make sure that you have all the information you might need to take your pet to any EU country after 29 March 2019, in the event of a No Deal Brexit. Preparing…

Did you know it is a legal requirement to restrain your dog in the car?

It’s estimated that one third of UK drivers are not complying with the law when it comes to restraining their dog in the car whilst driving, and are risking a fine of up to £2,500, according to recent research. These drivers are also putting their pets’ lives and themselves at risk. Rule 57 of the…

Recent increase of gastroenteritis in dogs

In the past two weeks, there has been an increase in cases of a specific virus affecting dogs in the UK – gastroenteritis. This causes a dog’s stomach and intestines to swell, and while it likely won’t be life-threatening, can give your dog abdominal discomfort, pain, diarrhoea, and vomiting. There’s no need to be worried,…

Chocolate danger to pets in Worcestershire

You may already know how toxic chocolate is to dogs, but it is also poisonous to cats and rabbits. Best to keep all chocolate out of their reach, but we have some advice in case they get their paws on it.

FESTIVE PET TIPS – 9 Christmas treats that are harmful to your dog

If you’ve ever wondered if giving your dog ‘just a little bit’ of mince pie or chocolate cake is ok, think again. Are you concerned if your dog takes a sip from your beer or wine? You should be….     Here are 9 festive treats that your dog should most definitely avoid:   If your…