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Healthy teeth and gums for cats

Once over the age of three, cats can be prone to tooth and gum problems. For peace of mind Clent Hills Vets can offer your pet a dental check-up.

Why Cat and Dog owners need to remember the word MICE

Calling all Cat & Dog owners. We’ve come up with an easy way to remember the 4 things you must do to help your pet stay safe and give them the best chance of a quick reunion with you should they go missing. Being reunited quickly will greatly reduce the stress on both you and your…

Five steps to avoiding cat fleas

Spring is known for bringing all sorts of new life to the area – but not all of it is welcome. Unfortunately, one lifecycle to emerge is that of the flea… but, luckily for cats and owners, Clent Hills Vets has come up with a list of tips to help you protect against the little…

Get pet smart this month and microchip your pet for just £10

May is National Chip Your Pet Month for a good reason. Millions of animals sit in shelters for days or longer, many of which are people’s lost pets. Unclaimed pets can be rehomed, or worse… By paying just £10 at Clent Hills Vets and having a tiny microchip implanted under your pet’s skin, you can…