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Pet Anxiety Month: How to help your best friend cope

March is Pet Anxiety Month, so we’re taking this opportunity to raise awareness among pet owners in Worcestershire. But of course, your pet can be affected by worries or fears all year round. A huge 85% of dogs in the UK are distressed by being apart from their owners for long periods of time, according…

Spend an evening with Vet JT talking about cat behaviour

Does your cat still spray inside your home? Is your multi-cat household often locked in a battle over food, litter trays and the new cat on the block? Are you worried that your cat could be stressed out due to a recent change in your home life? Cats are intriguing creatures and can often be…

Dog Behaviour Explained – the 5 most common behavioural disorders

Did you enjoy your evening with JT? We certainly did! Well, what can we say, other than this week’s Dog Behaviour Event was amazing! We’ve had some absolutely fantastic feedback so far from attendees and we’re looking forward to working with many of them in the near future on their dog’s behavioural issues. Many of…

Behaviour event for local dog owners

Throughout this year we’ve been running a series of Know Your Breed events aimed at educating local dog owners, which have been received extremely well by clients and non-clients alike. Next Monday we’re excited to be putting on our first ever dog behaviour event – An Evening with JT. Joao Teotonio, veterinary surgeon, spent 3…