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How to look after your rabbit’s teeth at any age

You can tell a lot about your rabbit’s overall health just by looking at their teeth. A lot of the rabbit health problems encountered by our team at Clent Hills Vets originate from dental problems, so you can see why it’s important to keep an eye on your rabbit’s teeth. Teeth misalignment and over-growth are…

Dental health concerns for senior dogs and cats

As part of our Senior Pet Month, we’re sharing advice on how to care for your ageing dogs and cats, so let’s talk teeth… As dogs and cats get older, their dental health is usually on the decline. Whether you’ve been sticking to a consistent home care routine or not, or they’ve had a scale…

Health problems associated with overweight dogs and cats

Like most pet owners, you’re probably guilty of giving in to those puppy dog eyes and undeniable cuteness and giving your pet an extra treat, or two, or three… Understanding why maintaining a healthy weight is so important is integral for the long-term health and wellbeing of your pet. Just like humans, being overweight will…

What is classed as essential pet care during the Coronavirus crisis?

In response to the latest government guidelines, we are now only open to patients that need essential care to avoid unnecessary suffering and to maintain animal welfare. In order to help you understand the best way to look after your pet please review the below Q&A. Post Updated 29.04.20 You can find our full COVID-19…