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Changes to Pet Diabetes Treatment

Amy Holloway

The practice has just received a letter from Pfizer Animal Health saying that they will not be able to supply insuvet protamine zinc  or lente any more. This is due to a knock on effect from trends in human diabetes treatment where bovine insulins have been largely replaced by other types of insulin.

The practice supplies an alternative suitable veterinary insulin, Caninsulin. Unfortunately it’s not necessarily a straightforward conversion from one product to another, at the same dose. The transition needs to be carefully managed to ensure your pet’s glucose levels remain stable.  The process may involve testing your pet’s blood to determine the quality of diabetes control before and after the change of insulin.

Caninsulin is the market leading product for treatment of diabetes. It is based on a different form of insulin and is manufactured specifically for animals so that supply will not be affected by trends in human insulin use.

Caninsulin is available worldwide and is the leading product in the pet diabetes field. The manufacturer has assured us that they have scaled up production to fulfil this unexpected new additional demand.

It involves daily injections just as before but specific syringes designed for use with Caninsulin must be used with the new product.

Caninsulin is a more dilute insulin which helps dosing accuracy. This does however mean that it is essential to use specific Caninsulin syringes designed to be used with the product to avoid giving the wrong dose.

Caninsulin is pork-based and is identical to dog insulin. It is equally suitable for treatment of cats. This means the dose in your pet may be lower than that needed for your current insulin.

We advise booking an appointment with the vet to implement this change over.

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