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Cool canines in Worcestershire

Clent Hills Vets

All dog owners should know what NOT to do when the weather heats up – leave your pet in the car, go for long walks in the middle of the day, etc – but what about the things you CAN do to make summer fun for you and your dog?

Advice on how to keep your dog cool and avoid heatstroke

The Clent Hills Vets team has seven suggestions for ways you and your dog can safely enjoy the season together. While you’re thinking about it, maybe now’s the time to book a summer health check to make sure your canine pal is in great shape for these activities.

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Cool activities for you and your dog

Part of the problem for dogs in summer is that they will get bored during that stretch of day when they can’t go for their usual long walk. But there are many other ways you can keep them occupied and safe from heatstroke or dehydration.

  • Many dogs like swimming, so if you can get to a dog-friendly beach or lake, why not head for the water and splash around a bit? Remember to make sure there’s plenty of shade around though.
  • Head to the pool! Book a swimming or treadmill session at our indoor Pet Fitness and Rehab Centre in Bromsgrove and watch your pooch enjoy some quality exercise time and fun, away from the blistering summer sun. The type of session your pet can have will depend on their current health – check our website for more info
  • No time to get out and about? Even a paddling pool in the garden will make for fun games, such as bobbing for treats (reduce your dog’s normal food allocation by the appropriate amount) or chasing floating toys. Remember to make sure there is shade, and not to leave your dog in the paddling pool alone to avoid the risk of drowning or drinking too much water, which can also pose a serious health risk.
  • Freeze various dog treats in different-shaped ice containers. Chewing on a frozen carrot or similar will also be calming for a dog that doesn’t know when to stop in the heat. You can even create a slippery ice brick sandwich for your dog to chase by freezing a layer of treats between two layers of water.
  • If you have the room, create an indoor agility course using buckets and broom handles for jumps, a hula hoop, some canes for weaves etc.
  • For a different day out, head to your nearest pet superstore, where your dog can sniff around in air-cooled comfort, probably with a bunch of other doggy shoppers.
  • Wooded walks – as long as you can get there without going on a long and hot car journey, woods are generally cool and shaded areas to walk around in under the canopy of the trees. Plus, there are lots of different smells for your dog to explore down in the woods.

Find out more and book a session at our Pet Fitness & Rehab Centre in Bromsgrove

If you follow these tips for an active summer with your dog, there should be no risk from the heat, but it’s not always easy to spot dehydration, so if you’re in any doubt, contact us.

Book a summer health check

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