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Dogs on diets: Ted and Sausage attend their post-Christmas weigh-in

Amy Holloway

I thought I’d leave Ted and Sausage’s post-Christmas weigh-in until the end of January to help these two food-centric miniature Dachshunds lose a bit more weight after the festive break, during which they did have a drop of Pawsecco and doggy popcorn…well it was Christmas!

So, at weigh-in number 4, Ted did not disappoint! At 7.13 kilos, he’s lost a magnificent 870 grams in just 3½ months with the support and advice of Leah Paddock, RVN at Clent Hills Vets in Hagley. He’s only got about another 130 grams to lose and hopefully move into the ideal weight and body condition category for his age, size and breed.

Ted the miniature dachshund has almost reached his weight loss goal

The only downside to Ted’s weight loss is that he is now too small for some of his fancy coats – but his new love of running and playing definitely outweighs that. We’re loving the new svelte ‘Tiny Ted’!

ted has lost so much weight now his clothes don't fit

Sausage, however, well…the face says it all. This little monkey, who I’ve nicknamed ‘Monster Munch’ as she wants to eat anything and everything, has not lost 1 gram of weight or a centimetre from anywhere. Sigh..

Sausage gets on the scales and the face says it all as she's not lost any weight in 3 months

I’ve been weighing out her food every day, we’ve cut down on her wet food topping, lunch is steamed vegetables, all snacks are fruit or veg and she’s getting the same amount of daily exercise as Ted. It’s a mystery how she’s not losing any weight at all. Maybe she has a secret stash of food up the garden?! Well, Sausage?

the face says it all, Sausage the miniature dachshund is not losing any weight

Furthermore, doggy poop is back on the menu, much to our delight… The numbers are not on your side today little one!

Sausage looks at Leah RVN hoping the scales are being kind

Leah suggests that Sausage needs to increase her daily activity levels and we can try changing her food to include a Purina diet wet food, so she can have a bit more food but still hopefully start losing weight.

For the extra activity she needs, we’re going to try swimming! Check back soon to see what happened when I took Ted & Sausage for their first ever swim at Bromsgrove Canine Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Centre.

If you would like advice about your dog’s weight, get in touch today.

Follow Ted and Sausage’s weight-loss journey from the beginning


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