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Dogs on diets: Ozzie and Rolo lose 14kg between them

Amy Holloway

Over the last few months, we’ve been following a few of our fabulous losers, our ‘dogs on diets’. Obesity in dogs is a serious problem that can cause a variety of health issues, however, it’s an issue that can be rectified with the right advice and care.

First, we had Busta the black Labrador, who lost a whopping 9lb in 7 months and dramatically reduced his arthritic symptoms, and most recently, miniature dachshunds Ted & Sausage who are working towards their target weights. Now we’d like you to meet the fabulous Ozzie and Rolo!

Ozzie the 8-year-old Labrador and Rolo the 6½-year-old Rottweiler live together with their owners, mother and daughter, Helena and Stephanie. The main photos above are Ozzie (left) and Rolo in 2016 before embarking on their healthy eating plan.

Rolo the Rottweiler came in for his annual checkup in August 2016 and weighed in at 40.5kg. Our veterinary team told his owner Stephanie that he was quite a bit overweight and having had both his cruciate ligaments done, this was a concern as excess weight could put extra strain on them.

Helena knew Labrador Ozzie was overweight too at 39.5kg (Aug 16) and decided it would be easiest to put them on a diet together especially as Rolo was a bit greedy.  Weighing in at 80kg between them, both dogs’ meal portion sizes were cut slightly and all dog treats were changed from gravy bones to carrots and apples. Helena told us, “they know when we are cutting a carrot from another room, it’s funny, they are straight in there!”

Thankfully, Rolo’s cruciate ligament surgery and Ozzie’s heart murmur were the only real health concerns they had at the time, however, their health would definitely have been more affected had their owners not put them both on healthy eating plans when they did.

By September 2017, just over 12 months on, Ozzie had lost 6kg and Rolo over 8kg – that’s a huge 14kg between them – putting them both at much healthier weights for their breed, size, age and health.

Ozzie before (left) and after:

ozzie the black labrador in 2016 before his weight loss started          Ozzie the black labrador is looking very trim 1 year into his diet



Rolo before (left) and after:

Rolo the rottweiler was grossly overweight before he started his weight loss diet          Rolo the rottweiler is looking even more handsome now he's lost some weight


We think they are both looking very trim and healthy!  We’re so proud of you two, keep it up!

Head vet Alun Edwards thinks Rolo and Ozzie's weight loss is phemonenalHead Vet Alun Edwards commented on Ozzie and Rolo’s fantastic weight loss, “theirs has been a phenomenal weight loss, Rolo was so overweight and has lost around a quarter of his body weight in a year, which is ideal as you don’t want them to lose it too quickly. You can also really see the dramatic difference in Ozzie.”

We caught up with Rolo’s owner Stephanie this month, who told us that although these two best friends haven’t been weighed since September, they are keeping up with their healthy diet plans. Good work everyone!

Find out how we can assess your dog’s weight, diet and body condition and give you advice on how to help them lose excess weight.

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