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Emergency caesarian results in 10 pups!

Amy Holloway

This week Lily, a 5 year old liver and white springer spaniel came in to our surgery struggling to deliver her puppies. She had been in labour for a while and had only managed to deliver one puppy. Our vet Natalie Cole examined and scanned Lily which showed some of the puppies inside Lily had high heart rates. It was decided the safest thing would be to do an emergency caesarian section.

10 puppies born by caesarian section

Lily had 10 puppies. This is the order they were born from right (being the 1st) to left. Mum was stitched up and the puppies were all given a chance to feed from her. Afterwards they were put in a box for Lily’s owners to take home and start feeding whilst she recovered.

Meeting the pups!

I took the opportunity to meet the puppies before they left! They were making a lot of noise and were very cute!

Unfortunately mum was not looking so well and it quickly became apparent she needed some further emergency surgery to save her. Lily would need a blood transfusion because she had lost so much blood. Receptionist Sally bought her Labrador Holly in to the surgery to act as a donor.

Holly after giving life saving blood

This is not the 1st time Holly has given life saving blood although it will be her last as she will shortly be six years old.

Lily stayed in overnight and recovered well. The next morning the pups were brought back in to us at Clent Hills to see how mum would cope and she responded brilliantly to them and allowed them all to feed so she was allowed home. A check the next day showed Lily is doing really well as are all the pups!

I will keep you up to date with all their progress and will hopefully be able to get pictures of them again soon!

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