Rabbits & Mental Health

Author: Amy Holloway

Pets can do wonders for our mental health as they’re a great source of comfort, companionship, and motivation. This has never been more important as many UK residents have spent months being isolated from family and friends during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Rabbits are a firm favourite of Clent Hills Vets’ nursing team, especially for people who are isolated, or aren’t able to have a cat or dog.

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Whether you own a rabbit now or have done before, you’ll know that with gentle and regular handling, they can make loving and sweet pets. They’ll make you laugh with their funny antics, encourage you to play with them, and help you focus on how to give them the best life possible.

Six things your rabbit needs that could help YOUR mental health:

  1. GROOMING & HANDLING – Regular handling will improve the bond between you and your rabbit, and provide you both with love and comfort. Stroking and grooming your rabbit will keep them content and their coat healthy, and can reduce your anxiety and stress levels. Plus, if you don’t have many people to talk to, rabbits can be good listeners with those long ears!
  2. DIET – Spend time researching the best diet for your rabbit’s gut and oral health, taking your mind off your worries for a while.
  3. HEALTH CHECKS – Book a checkup with our vet nurses to help keep your rabbit in tip top condition, and to give you a reason to speak with people outside of your household about the pet you love.
  4. COMFORT – Have fun designing the most comfortable & captivating home for your rabbit with soft bedding, toys, and boredom-busting obstacles. You can use cardboard boxes and tubes to keep costs low and your bunny happy.
  5. CLEANING ROUTINE – Implement a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routine for your pet’s housing and things. Routines can help with motivation.
  6. PLAYTIME – Enrich your rabbit’s life and your own by buying or making toys that you can play with together.

Clent Hills Vets’ nurses have found this highly relevant video on YouTube. It’s been created by someone who experienced feeling a little low and isolated due to the pandemic, but found enjoyment and motivation through making toys for their rabbits at home. Watch 3 Easy DIY Rabbit Toys for Your Bunny

If you’d like to discuss your rabbit’s needs, make an appointment to come and see our Registered Veterinary Nurses.