Keep your dragon comfortable

Hot weather tips for bearded dragon owners

Warm temperatures and low humidity are essential to your bearded dragon’s natural environment. And, for a beardy to strive as a domesticated pet, it’s essential to recreate this climate in your home and within its enclosure.

Bearded dragon owners should already be aware of the basking temperature requirements for their pet: adults require lower temperatures than babies and young adults, while babies need a much higher temperature than young adults.

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You can achieve the ideal temperature using special heat lamps and other heating elements. But as the warm weather hits Worcestershire, how do you keep the climate right for your pet?

How to cool your dragon

During summer, temperatures inside your dragon’s terrarium may increase due to your home naturally heating up. If the terrarium gets too warm, you’ll need to adjust the heating elements to lower the temperatures:

  1. Turn off any heating pads you usually turn on in winter months
  2. Raise the basking lamp further away from the basking perch
  3. Connect the basking lamp to a dimmer switch so you can adjust as required
  4. Use a lower wattage bulb

In the daytime, it might be a good idea to put your beardy outside (if it’s warm enough). Consider purchasing a playpen for it; you could use a standard puppy pen and let it enjoy roaming about outside.

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