Six end-of-summer tips for dog

If you’ve been enjoying lots more walks, playtime, day trips and holidays with your dog already this summer, chances are they’re starting to feel a little frazzled. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help. 

Clent Hills’ nursing team has some end-of-summer tips to share with you that will give your dog a well-needed boost. Keeping them safe from the perils of summer stresses like Kennel Cough and Heat Stroke is still a necessity too. Read our nurses’ handy tips below. 

A late summer check-up can be a good idea so our Vets can pick up any issues that have occurred over the busy summer. 

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Six end-of-summer tips for dogs who need a boost: 

1. Refresh your pet heat safety knowledge 

August and early September can be just as hot and muggy as June and July. Now’s a good time to give yourself a refresher on pet heat safety, to avoid heatstroke and other issues: 

  • Don’t leave your dog in a parked car on a hot day – “not long” is too long. 
  • Do use pet-safe sunscreen on noses, ears, and bellies. 
  • Don’t exercise your dog too much during the hottest part of the day. 
  • Do touch the pavement before you walk – too hot for hands is too hot for paws. 
  • Don’t leave your dog shut in a ‘hot spot’ e.g. conservatory, caravan, tent, porch, garden... 
  • Do take water and a bowl with you wherever you go together. 

2. Keep your dog protected and enjoying summer 

Fleas, worms & ticks are more active during warmer months. Even infectious diseases such as kennel cough can be more problematic in summer too. So that your dog can carry on enjoying the rest of the season, make sure their parasite treatments and vaccinations are up to date. Ask us if you’re unsure. 

3. Time for a trim 

Did your dog have a pre-summer haircut? Clent Hills’ nursing team recommends it’s probably time for another trim. Keep your companion looking sharp and feeling cool for the rest of the summer. 

4. The ‘D’ word... 

If you’ve allowed your dog to over-indulge “because it’s summer”, it may be necessary to make some changes sooner rather than later. The word 'diet' doesn’t have to mean less enjoyment; cucumber and carrots are tasty treats and make excellent meal fillers if your dog needs to cut back. Plus, extra exercise is a great way to shift some extra pounds. Pop into any of our veterinary practices and check your dog’s weight. 

5. Watch out for holiday blues 

Going back to work after a holiday can feel a bit rubbish. Your dog may feel it too. Less interaction with their favourite human and more time alone can cause separation-anxiety and destructive behaviour to develop. Try dedicating some time every day to hang out with your dog – play ball, groom & massage them, or just cuddle – they'll appreciate every minute! Boredom-busting toys and going out with a friend or dog walker while you’re at work, will help to break up their day. 

6. Book an end of summer check-up 

Summers are usually ‘Extra’ and this can take its toll on your dog. Book an end-of-summer health check with our expert vets. A thorough nose-to-tail examination can pick up issues early, meaning vital treatment can commence straight away. 

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