Cleaning Tips for Enclosures

Author: Amy Holloway

Keeping your small furry’s cage or hutch clean is as much about keeping them happy as it is about hygiene. Any animal that grooms itself that much is going to want a clean home too!

It’s time to get used to a routine of daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning & maintenance of your small furry pet’s cage or hutch to give them the best care. Remember, cleanliness and freshness are key.

Clent Hills Vets’ experienced nurses have created a simple guide to help you below. You can also download their handy checklist to remind you.

Download our Habitat Cleaning Guide


  • Scoop out wet and soiled bedding and replace with fresh.
  • Clean water bottles & food bowls to reduce the chance of contamination, and refill.
  • Remove faeces (except a rabbit’s soft cecotropes, which they eat).


  • Change all of your pet’s bedding once a week (may contain stored food).
  • Give loose toys & furniture a weekly wipe down to remove surface dirt.


  • Roll your sleeves up, it’s time for a deep clean. Place your pet in a safe, temporary space such as a small pet carrier while you work.
  • Empty out your pet’s entire enclosure including furniture, hideaways, and accessories.
  • Remove all dirt and debris and give it a thorough clean with warm soapy water. Opt for cleaning products that don’t contain ammonia or bleach, as your pet will be gnawing things as soon as they’re back inside. You may want to opt for a pet-safe habitat spray.
  • Thoroughly rinse everything with water after cleaning, let it completely dry before replacing items and adding fresh bedding.

Download our handy Habitat Cleaning Guide