Finding the right cat vet

When you search online for ‘find a cat vet near me’, how do you know they are the best people to care for your feline friend? A cat’s needs will change at different stages of their life, so finding a veterinary practice in Worcestershire that your cat can grow with is important.

Many of our cat clients have been with us for several years, right from the kitten stage. Keep reading to see how we can help you and your cat as they reach every milestone.

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Why choose Clent Hills Vets for your cat’s care:

  • We employ caring & compassionate ‘Cat People’ - Your cat is very special to us too, and we want to ensure they have everything they need to live a healthy & happy life. Our team has undergone training in how to care for cats, and you’ll both receive a warm welcome when you arrive.
  • You can count on us for tailored advice - Your cat is an individual, and will have different needs when they’re a kitten, adult, senior and geriatric. Talk to us  about cat nutrition, grooming, enrichment, and anything else you want to know.
  • Your cat can trust in our continuity of care - Building a bond with the same vet can help to make visits more relaxing and enjoyable for your cat. You can request to see the same vet every time if you wish, and we’ll do our very best to accommodate this.
  • We’ve got preventative cat care covered - With prevention being better than cure, our team can provide the necessary cat vaccinations and parasite control to protect your beloved cat.
  • Your cat can be microchipped in minutes - Microchipping isn’t just for dogs. Cats can also wander off, get stolen, and get into accidents. We want your cat to have the best chance of being reunited with you should the unthinkable happen, that’s why we recommend our quick & gentle cat microchipping service.
  • We’re a Cat Friendly Clinic - We're extremely proud to be an ISFM Accredited Cat Friendly Clinic, which recognises the specialist care and attention we give to our feline patients. Our team and facilities are assessed each year to ensure we continue to meet their criteria.
  • Your cat's comfort is important to us - For many cats, coming to the vets isn’t their favourite thing to do...we get it. To help your cat, the two of you can relax in our comfortable cat-only waiting area. We also have a separate cat in-patient ward.
  • You can enjoy extra special Cat Healthcare at discounted rates - Our Cat Health Plan includes a range of cat-friendly benefits & discounts to help your cat get the best healthcare available. By paying monthly for your cat’s routine preventative care, you can save money too...for treats and cat toys of course!

We’re here for your cat, and you. Contact us to get your cat booked in for the care they need.

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