Make your dog’s day

Dogs have been loving their visits to Clent Hills Vets for many years. We know this because of all the wagging tails, loving licks, and return visits. We’re pretty sure we know why... See if you and your dog agree with our list below.

Bring your dog to visit us

Eight reasons why we think dogs love coming to visit us:

  1. A warm doggy welcome - To help dogs feel at ease as soon as they walk through our door, our doggy welcoming team are ready with warm smiles and lots of fuss.
  2. Dog treats, obviously! - What vet visit would be complete, or satisfying, without a tasty dog treat, or two? We’ve always got plenty of dog treats on tap.
  3. Other doggy & human friends - We find most dogs love to mingle. A trip to our Bromsgrove, Hagley & Rubery practices are a much-loved social experience with lots of dogs & people to meet.
  4. Vets & nurses who speak ‘Dog’ - Our experienced team is always happy to get down to a dog’s level (dachshunds included) on the floor to bond, play, reassure, and just because they know it makes dogs feel special.
  5. Dog friendly advice – We love sharing our canine knowledge and experience with owners. We’re pretty sure many dogs in Worcestershire will be loving the new food our vet recommended, or the fun exercise ideas our nurse talked about.
  6. Massages...sorry, we mean health checks! - A thorough nose-to-tail health check can feel as good as a doggy massage (maybe until the thermometer up the...) Plus, being checked for health issues can only be a good thing.
  7. Comfortable kennels - When dogs spend the day with us (or need to stay overnight at our Bromsgrove practice), they get their own kennel with comfortable bedding to relax in. They also get lots of love and attention from our team.
  8. Professional nail clips - Some dogs love a mani-pedi... when it’s done by a professional. Our experienced nurses are a dab-hand at trimming even the most nervous dogs’ nails.


Make your dog’s day with a visit to Clent Hills Vets in Bromsgrove, Hagley or Rubery. If for nothing else, a weigh-in with doggy fuss and treats will get that tail wagging!

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