Keeping furry pets cool

Author: Amy Holloway

You might see plenty of advice about how to keep your dog safe on hot days, and even some summer cat advice, but what about keeping your rabbits and other small furry animals out of danger when it’s hot outside? We asked Kirsty, one of our qualified nurses, to give us her top tips.

Top tips on how to keep your small furry pets cool in the summer heat:

  1. Keep your pet indoors during the hottest parts of the day, typically between 11am and 3pm.
  2. Make sure your pet is in a shaded area when they are outside.
  3. Place your pet’s hutch/cage, or the animal themselves on cool kitchen floor tiles.
  4. Let your pet rest on cold, wet towels.
  5. Place a fan in the direction of your pet’s hutch/cage, or out of reach of your pet if they are outside of the hutch.
  6. Do NOT leave your pet in a conservatory as these heat up very quickly. Garages on the other hand, are often cooler than inside the house and may be a good temporary place for your pet.
  7. Place ice cubes in your pet’s water bottle.
  8. Put a plastic bottle filled with water in the freezer and give it to your pet once it has started to defrost. Your pet may enjoy licking the condensation off it and lying against it to keep cool.
  9. Place fruit and vegetables in cold water for your pet to enjoy.
  10. Avoid over handling your pet on hot days as this can make them even hotter.
  11. Fill a fine mist spray bottle with cold water and spray it on the outside of your pet’s ears (careful not to spray water inside the ear).

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