Preparing for a dog-friendly holiday

With the summer holidays just around the corner, you may be thinking about your holiday plans. If you are taking your dog away with you, planning what they will need for the trip ahead of time will help to ensure your holiday is ‘smooth sailing’ or at the very least, you’ll be prepared for most eventualities. To help you, the dog-loving staff at Clent Hills Vets have put together some advice for your dog-friendly summer holiday below. 

If you need to update your dog’s vaccinations, flea & worm treatment, or anything else before your trip, book an appointment at our Bromsgrove, Hagley, or Rubery vet practices. 

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Taking your dog on holiday this summer 

Taking your dog on holiday with you can be an exciting idea; not only do you get the enjoyment of bringing them along for the fun and not being apart from them, but your dog will get to experience lots of new sights and smells! To help you prepare for a happy and easy dog-friendly holiday, take a look at our helpful list below. 

Dog-Friendly Holiday Prep List

Car travel  

  • Safety - Use a harness, seatbelt, and car seat, or a crate; ensure you can take toilet breaks without leaving your dog in a parked car on hot days
  • Sickness - Get your dog used to car travel in advance; talk to us if they have severe travel sickness on 01527 889810
  • Comfort – Plan plenty of toilet and refreshment breaks for your dog along the way; travel early or late to avoid the heat wherever possible  

Suitable living accommodation that allows pets 

  • Safety - Will stairs or outdoor steps be a hazard? Is there an enclosed garden?
  • Comfort - Where will your dog sleep and go to the toilet (if there is no garden)?
  • Damage - Could your dog damage light-coloured furnishings?
  • Camping – Will your dog be safe in your tent with you at night? 

Essentials – Take first aid kits, local Vet contact details for your destination, food supplies, bowls, bedding, any medication they are on including scheduled flea and worm treatments, doggy shampoo and towels, plenty of poop bags, lead and collar (with ID tag), and anything else your dog usually has. 

Sun safety – Take pet sunscreen, make sure your daytime plans don't put your dog in the hot sun for long periods; always take water on your trips out and provide shade. 

Daily plans – Are there lots of dog-friendly places to go? Check local dog beach bans. It’s normally a ‘no-no’ to leave your dog unattended in holiday accommodation. 

Parasite prevention – Up-to-date worming, flea, and tick control, and vaccinations 

Overseas travel – Your dog will need an Animal Health Certificate, rabies vaccine (at least 21 days before travel), a health check by an Official Veterinarian (OV) qualified to certify pets ‘fit to fly’, and potentially other documents and treatments depending on your destination(s). 

So, there you have it, Clent Hills Vets’ comprehensive planning guide for a fun, safe, and easy dog-friendly holiday this summer. We hope you and your dog have a fantastic time away and our team look forward to hearing all about it at your next visit to one of our veterinary practices.  

Remember, if your dog needs anything before you go, or you just want them to have a health check to put your mind at rest, get in touch to book. 

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