Chicken Egg Laying Problems

Author: Amy Holloway

Meet Izzy, the plucky chicken who came to see our Vet Liz Carter recently with a tricky complaint…her egg was stuck! This is an unusual problem for birds of a young age and can be a real concern, so her owner brought her in straight away.

According to Liz, birds that lay eggs can sometimes suffer from a calcium deficiency as their calcium gets used up making eggshells. This deficiency can make it difficult for the bird to contract and push their eggs out.  After a calcium injection and some pain relief, Izy and her owner were on their way!

Izzy’s owners had this to say “Izzy received a really good consultation and the vet was exceptional (as they always have been when we’ve visited there with our ladies). She laid the egg the evening after being given a couple of injections to help and she is now back in the garden with her buddy. She’s not completely out of the woods yet but she is starting to eat and act normally again. ”

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