Cat Toys & Christmas Gifts

Christmas for our feline friends should definitely include some cat toys (who doesn’t like a toy for Christmas?!). But for the family moggy there are plenty of other things you might get them too. Here’s a list of inspiration from our team:

Our Cat Toy & Christmas Gifts Ideas

  1. Cat Toys – Cats love anything with catnip, especially if it’s small and moves. With our long-stay cat patients in Worcestershire we often entertain them with small squeaky mice stuffed with catnip.
  2. Food – Whatever you choose as a treat, do buy good quality, and don’t change your cat’s diet too quickly.
  3. Bedding – There are some great new bedding ideas around, so why not treat your cat to a comfier Christmas?
  4. Climbing frame – Cats just love to climb, so why not keep the Christmas tree safe and treat yours to its own specially designed climbing frame?
  5. Water fountain – These are great for encouraging cats to take more water on board, especially if they eat dry food or have bladder or kidney disease.
  6. Grooming tools – All cats like and need to keep their coat in tip-top condition, so what better gift than a new grooming brush?
  7. Microchip or GPS collar – There are more ways than ever to keep tabs on our pets these days. Just google ‘GPS Cat collars’ and take your pick. Cool gadgetry.

If you need any advice on what’s suitable for your feline friend or if you’d like us to order anything special from our suppliers, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.