Firework & Bonfire Advice

Author: Amy Holloway

With bonfire night and firework season just around the corner, we wanted to share our top tips on helping your pets cope with this often stressful time.

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Advice for Cats

  • Keep cats indoors during the evenings so that they don’t get spooked by fireworks and run off, or hide in piles of wood that could, in fact, be a bonfire.
  • Once indoors, secure your cat flap so they cannot get out by themselves.
  • Add pheromone-based diffuser plugs around your home to create an air of calm.
  • Snuggle up with your cat in front of the TV as much as you can during the evenings to make them feel safe and disguise the loud bangs.
  • If you go out, leave a TV or radio on for your cat to drown out the loud bangs.
  • Keep curtains closed during the evenings to block out any light flashes which can be just as scary as the bangs.

Advice for rabbits and other small furry pets

  • Bring hutches and enclosures indoors where possible.
  • Hutches that need to remain outdoors can be covered over with a thick blanket or duvet to block out the sight of fireworks and deaden the sounds. Ensure the hutch is still well ventilated.
  • Provide extra bedding so your pet can burrow and feel safe.

Calming aids for cats & dogs

Pheromone-based products have a calming effect on cats and dogs to help them cope with the stress of firework season. These products are synthetically reproduced pheromones that provide a familiar sense of safety and security to your pet. Pheromones are naturally given off when an animal is comfortable within their environment, meaning these products are ideal for reducing anxiety, irritation and stress.

These products come in different forms, such as sprays, diffusers and collars. If you are thinking about getting some of these products you should talk to our team straight away about which ones are best for your pet as some of them can take a bit of time to work.

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