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Bereavement support

We can offer you friendly and compassionate pet loss bereavement & trauma counselling with Victoria, a fully qualified counsellor and caring member of our customer care team.

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Pet Loss Bereavement & Trauma Counselling with Victoria


Victoria has been a much-loved member of our customer care team for several years. As well as being a qualified counsellor and CBT therapist, Victoria has undergone extensive training with Compassion Understood on how to help people come to terms with the loss of a pet. She is also trained in trauma counselling and can be a great support to you.

We all know and love Victoria for being the compassionate, sincere and caring person that she is. You can talk to Victoria about how you are feeling in person at our Bromsgrove practice, over the phone or by email if you would prefer.

Dedicated bereavement & support room

We have a dedicated room away from our main waiting area so that you can talk to Victoria in private in a relaxing environment, as well as a number of other comfortable spaces we can provide to you.

Dealing with pet loss, trauma & illness

Talk to us about how you are feeling

With her knowledge of pet health and treatments, Victoria is ideally placed to support you through this difficult time and we encourage you to talk to her about how you are feeling.

Coping with trauma & illness

When our pets suffer a trauma or become very ill, it can be almost as upsetting as losing them, sometimes more so. Feelings of hopelessness, anger and guilt are very common.

Accidents happen every day and pets can become sick for a variety of reasons. Even if the pet makes a full recovery, negative feelings can sometimes linger, even though the trauma or illness was no-one’s fault.

Talking about how you are feeling can really help you come to terms with what has happened and what needs to happen next, whatever that may be. It can also be a huge comfort just to start talking to someone.

Making the decision to let your pet go

If your pet has been suffering from ill health or has experienced a trauma, making the decision to give your pet a peaceful goodbye and end any suffering they may have been going through, is often the kindest and bravest thing you can do for them.

Understanding end of life care

Understanding what happens to your pet when it’s time to say goodbye can be really comforting to you and your family.

Visit our end of life care page and find out how we will care for your pet, and the choices you can make.

Visit page >

Planning ahead can really help

Some people find it helpful to prepare well in advance of needing end of life care for their pet so that when the time comes, they are better equipped to go through the experience and don’t have to deal with the difficult decisions on the day.

Victoria can talk you through everything that will happen, explain what options you have and provide comfort and support for you and your family with this sensitive subject.

Choosing your options ahead of time

Choosing ahead of time where you wish your pet’s end of life care to take place and what you would like to happen afterwards can free your mind from such worries and allow you to be wholly there for your pet on the day.

Sudden loss support

Losing a pet suddenly can rock your world whatever their age or the situation. You can be affected by shock and grief in many different ways. Whether you can’t stop crying or can’t cry at all, whether you are angry or feel hopeless, the important thing is to start dealing with your feelings as soon as possible.

Book an appointment with Victoria and let her help you start to unravel your thought process, or if you aren’t ready to talk, write down how you feel in an email to her. The important thing is to start somewhere.

Comfort for you and your family

Pet loss affects everyone differently. Bereavement counselling with Victoria is a complimentary service for our clients and their family members who may be struggling to cope with the loss or impending loss of a pet.

Let us know if you would like some support