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Fabulous Felines…..

Amy Holloway

I thought it was about time I spent some of my time talking about felines and how fantastic we are.

Sam and Bailey Wiggins

After so many pictures of cute puppies being brought in to surgery I thought I’d show you these beautiful little felines- Sam and Bailey Wiggins. They have just been in to visit us for their 1st vaccines and flea and worm treatments at just 9 weeks old. Mrs Wiggins originally went to pick up just one kitten, as agreed with Mr Wiggins but just couldn’t leave one behind so ended up with the two! I agree with her that they are totally gorgeous, In my opinion so much cuter than those puppies that come in!

Jade the Maine Coon

Here is another fabulous feline, Jade the Maine Coon. She came in to us for her routine booster vaccinations. Here she is on my reception desk having a stroll around, looking confident and gorgeous! Jade didn’t come in to see us in a box but strolled in on a lead! It just goes to show we can do everything dogs do, we just choose not to! We behave in a more dignified manner- We don’t beg for affection, we allow it when wanted and appropriate. We do like playing but feel the ball should belong to us and chose not to return it. We sit when we like not when we are told……..we are simply fabulous felines!!!!!!!!!!

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