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Felines…get your humans to spot the signs of chronic pain

Amy Holloway

Now I am lucky enough to still be quite sprightly and agile. No one knows quite how old I am because I arrived here as a stray but I am still able to….

Keeping an eye..

Get to places so I can keep an eye on things…..

….Get to places if there are interesting things happening, treats or things that may be to my advantage!….

Just need to reach a little further!

Now if you are a feline of 8 years or over your joints will have signs of wear and tear although you may not be showing it in the form of an obvious limp…perhaps you are not as flexible and dynamic as me anymore?

Now us felines are undoubtedly masters of survival and it is not hard to see how we give the impression all is well although we may in fact be in pain. Now I feel like the cat that got the cream because my staff here understand the signs that us cats may be feeling pain and have reduced mobility in our joints. So here is a list so your humans can spot the signs:

  1. You are sleeping more (your escape from discomfort)
  2. You may have become a little less tolerant when being handled (you are responding to pain sensitive areas or the anticipation of pain)
  3. Your coat is a little dull and getting matted (you need to be flexible to groom and pain in the spine makes this difficult)
  4.  Your claws are getting long and thick  (you can’t get the height and reach needed for claw shedding yourself because your elbows hurt)
  5. You may not be able to jump on to chairs and favourite resting places.

Here comes the good news…my staff are trying to get your humans to bring you in for a check up with the vet. Now this can happen at anytime but during July my staff will be able to dispense a months worth of special medication FREE OF CHARGE!

This offer is available to any of you felines over 8 years old during the month of July. Terms and conditions apply.

So there is help at hand…this medication can help manage the pain and inflammation of arthritis, allowing you felines to make the most of your lives like I can. There is a Spot the Signs website your owners can visit. It includes everything from expert advice and case studies to competitions and exclusive Jess the Cat content (another black and white goddess!).Visit:

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