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FESTIVE PET TIPS – Top tips on keeping your pets out of harm’s way this Christmas

Amy Holloway

In this series of articles on how to keep your pet safe and happy this Christmas, we’ve covered food, drink and plants that should be avoided. But what about reducing the risk of your pet having an accident when we’re rushing around and caught up in Christmas cheer?


dog christmas antlers


Read our top tips on keeping your pet out of harm’s way this Christmas season.


If your pet gets ill or injured over the festive period, it’s important to contact us immediately for advice or come directly to one of our practices.


  1. Clear cups and glasses away and put all coffee, tea and alcohol out of reach of your pet.
  2. Keep pets out of busy kitchens to prevent accidents.
  3. Don’t overfeed your pet with pet food/treats or with pet-safe human food/treats.
  4. Carefully dispose of leftovers and especially bones and bird carcass.
  5. Clear away wrappers, packaging and take the rubbish outside, making sure it’s in a wheelie bin or securely tied so animals can’t get into it.
  6. Ask any visitors not to feed your pet anything, which is much easier than trying to get everyone to follow the food rules above. If everyone gives your pet little treats it will soon add up to a lot of extra food.


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What to do in an emergency

If your pet has suffered an injury or is feeling unwell, contact our Emergency Care Service immediately, on 01527 889810 even if it’s out of hours – we have emergency cover throughout the holidays. Don’t wait for symptoms to appear as early treatment is critical. If the illness if food related tell us how much of the item your pet has eaten and bring the packaging to our Bromsgrove surgery if you are advised that your pet needs to be seen by a Vet.


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