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We are helping Worcestershire Wildlife Trust to protect our local wildlife

Amy Holloway

From bees to blooms, birds to bugs and from hedgehogs to hedgerows, the very essence of local wildlife needs our help too. As lovers of nature and all creatures great and small, this year we’re pledging our support to Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, an organisation that has been speaking out for nature since 1912.

Bird populations are seen as a key indicator of the health of our natural world as birds tend to feed on small insects that are the basis of the food chain.


Great spotted woodpecker

Great spotted woodpecker – Photo by Pete Walkden

According to 2017 figures produced by DEFRA (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), populations of farmland, woodland and marine birds have all fallen dramatically over the past 50 years.

Some species have been in freefall over the past 5 years as the intensification of farming, pesticides and the reduction of hedgerows has had a dramatic and direct effect. RSPB – The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds – said according to these figures, “wildlife is in serious trouble”.

It’s not only birds in focus, many other species of animals and plants have a part to play in the survival of our local wildlife, as do us humans.

hedgehogs are an important part of local wildlife

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust looks after 70 nature reserves and relies on kind donations and volunteers to help them protect species and habitats across the county.

Read more about Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and why their work is so important.

We’re excited to be supporting their efforts this year and sharing ideas on how everyone can do their bit to help this big problem. Keep your eye on our Facebook page as we’ll be bringing you information about what you can do in your own back garden and how else you can get involved soon.

In 2017, our named charity was The Cinnamon Trust and we raised over £2000, mostly through ‘The Wizard of Oz’ pantomime we put on in December. Our staff and clients always make a huge effort to help the causes we support and we’re really looking forward to working with the team at The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust this year.

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