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How to choose a pet sitter in Worcestershire

Clent Hills Vets

Summer will be in full swing before we know it – and if you’ve got a holiday planned, it can be difficult to decide how best to care for your pet while you’re away.

There are some excellent catteries and kennels in Worcestershire, but not everyone feels comfortable about leaving their best friend in a non-domestic setting; and you may prefer to maintain their everyday routine.

Home boarding or stay-at-home care is an increasingly popular option – but it’s very important to choose the right arrangement to suit your pet’s needs… so the team at Clent Hills Vets has put together a few handy tips that you may find useful.

No matter which option you think you might choose for your pet, feel welcome to pop in and chat to our vet nurses if you have concerns.

Ask our vet nurses for advice

Types of holiday care for pets

For a cat, daily visits can be carried out by a friend, neighbour or professional pet sitter, making sure that your pet has enough food, water and other necessary care.

Live-in care is like an advanced version of daily visits, as your cat or dog (or smaller pet) has constant attention and company and can live almost as normal.

In both cases, it can also be very reassuring to know that someone is at your home each day in your absence, checking that everything is secure and your pet is healthy.

Whatever you choose, you need to check with your selected cat or dog sitter to make sure they’ll provide the following:

  • Regular visits – Cats should be visited at least twice daily, so if you’re a cat owner in Worcestershire, consider whether your sitter lives near enough to do this. Dogs will need much more attention.
  • Meals – The volume and routine should ideally be the same as if you were at home.
  • Water – Fresh water must always be available.
  • Litter – Cat litter trays should be cleaned at least twice daily, especially during warm weather.

Choosing a responsible pet sitter

As your pet is one of the most important parts of your life, you’ll feel better while you’re away if you know that someone trustworthy and knowledgeable is responsible.

Our vet nurse Emma recommends checking:

  • References – If it isn’t someone you know personally, are they able to provide contact details for other clients?
  • Knowledge – They should be able to spot signs of ill health and be aware of any specific issues. Plus, if your pet needs regular medication, they should be capable of administering it.
  • Quality time – The person should be willing to offer adequate companionship.
  • Insurance – If your pet sitter is a professional, they should be insured – so check their documents.

And remember, feel welcome to call us on 01527 889810 if you want to ask our advice.

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