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July Offer- Microchipping £10!

Amy Holloway

During July here at Clent Hills Vets you can get your precious pet microchipped for just £10! (normally £22.99).

Microchipping your pet is simple, just like a injection- a chip the size of a grain of rice is implanted in the loose skin on the back of the neck. Each chip has a unique code that is linked to the national 24 hour Petlog database which contains all your pets details.

Janine and her Staffie Tosh

This means if your treasured pet (as we all are), ever goes missing, a simple scan of the chip can reunite you. I allowed my staff to microchip me because I know they could never manage without me….!

This is Janine, assistant veterinary nurse scanning the chip of her beloved Staffie Tosh. So if you couldn’t bear to be parted from your pet make sure they are chipped so they can be reunited to you- and July is the month to do it!

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