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Keep your dog’s gnashers shiny and healthy in Worcestershire

Clent Hills Vets

Going to the dentist is rarely high on anyone’s annual wish list, but it’s one of those things that’s important not just for mouth health but also for overall wellbeing. And if everyone followed their dentist’s advice, visits probably wouldn’t feel like such an ordeal.

Same goes for your dog. Consider the following advice from our head nurse, Chrissie, as important as that of your own hygienist when it comes to your pet’s oral health. Then, when you make an appointment at Clent Hills Vets for their annual check-up, hopefully there’ll be one less thing to be concerned about.

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This is the single best thing you can do to help keep your dog’s teeth healthy. It’s best to start when they are puppies so they get used it being a part of their routine, but it’s never too late to have a go.

Our nursing team can show you the best way to brush your dog’s teeth – different breeds have differently shaped jaws, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all operation.

Use a special dog brush and toothpaste as many human formulations contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs.

Chews, treats & toys

There are many types of dog chew available and a lot of them will have some sort of teeth-cleaning abilities – be mindful of how many you give your dog as they can be high in calories. Some treats are also specially formulated to help keep tartar build-up down, and there are many types of toys that have been designed to give your dog’s teeth a good workout.

Professional cleaning

If your dog has bad breath, is refusing to eat or seems to be licking their lips a lot, it could be suffering from some sort of dental disease. It’s always best to make an appointment with one of the vets at our Bromsgrove, Hagley or Rubery practices to get it checked out.

A build-up of tartar on your dog’s teeth can be professionally removed so that you can then start a new regime to prevent it happening again. If you have any queries or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the team on 01527 889810 and they’ll be happy to talk to you.

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