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Learn Basic Pet First Aid with Emily Ashdown RVN

Amy Holloway

If you missed out on last year’s Pet First Aid Event, we will be running this extremely popular event again next month for local pet owners and carers. Our event will take place on Tuesday June 4th, at St John’s C of E Middle School Academy in Bromsgrove.

In many pet health emergencies, it can be vital to get your pet to a veterinary clinic as quickly as possible for treatment, however, how do you spot the symptoms of potential emergencies and what can you do in the first instance to help your pet?

At our upcoming event, Emily Ashdown, RVN (registered veterinary nurse), pet physiotherapist and first aid trainer, will take you through a number of common pet health emergency situations and teach you about the symptoms to look out for and how to administer basic first aid.

Emily Ashdown, RVN and pet first aid trainer, with her dogs diesel and Vinnie

Emily will cover cuts, choking, poisons, seizures, heat stroke, stings, road traffic accidents and much, much more. She will show you how to perform CPR and share what every pet owner should have in their first aid kit.

Our Pet First Aid Event is aimed at predominantly dog and cat owners. Some of the techniques could be used on small furries, however, more care is needed for these types of pets and generally signs and symptoms when established are near fatal for them.

Emily will also show you how to respond to an emergency situation with your safety in mind. When animals are hurt they can be frightened and unpredictable, so it’s important to make sure you don’t get injured whilst trying to help your pet.

Whether you’re a dog or cat owner yourself, or you look after other people’s pets, it’s important to know what to do in an emergency situation. Acting fast could indeed save a pet’s life.

***THIS EVENT IS CURRENTLY FULLY BOOKED. We can add you to our waiting list and let you know if any spaces become available***

Book your place at our upcoming event >

Venue: St John’s C of E Middle School Academy

Date: Tuesday 4th June 2019

Time: Registration & Refreshments start at 7:15pm – the main event will begin promptly at 7:45pm and last approximately 1.5 hours.

Your host: Emily Ashdown, RVN, Physiotherapist and Pet First Aid Trainer.

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