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Lending a helping paw!

Georgina Cat

So as you can see I have been very busy, helping out in various departments within my home this week.

Here I am in the nurses and vets laboratory looking at some samples under the microscope. I have seen them do it many times and thought I could lend a paw! The microscope is used by the vets and nurses in green to look at many things.

The nurses look at faecal samples from horses so they can do a worm egg count to see if worming treatment is needed or if previous treatment has been effective. Slides are also made up by the nurses of many things for the vets to look at.

Skin and hair samples can be checked for parasites. Blood smears allow red and white blood cells to be looked at. Urine samples can be checked to find the presence of crystals. Vets also take what are called Fine Needle Aspirates from lumps. These are samples of cellular material from within the lump and under the microscope the vets can try and determine the nature of the lump from the cell sample; if it is potentially harmful to the animal.

As you can see I help out all the people who work here and am often kept busy on the reception desk for hours!! The phone is always ringing! In fact afternoon surgery is about to start and I think I had better keep an eye on things in case I’m needed!

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